Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) is the block-level storage service designed for use with Amazon EC2 instances. 

  • EBS volumes are mounted as storage volumes on EC2 instances.
  • Multiple EBS volumes can be mounted on the same EC2 instance.
  • Each EBS volume can only be mounted to one EC2 instance at a time.
  • EBS volumes can be used in any way as traditional block devices such as creating a file system on top of the EBS volume.
  • EBS volumes are created in a specific AZ.
  • EBS volumes can be created as encrypted to satisfy data-at-rest encryption requirements.
  • Amazon EBS provides four volume types i.e. General Purpose SSD, Provisioned IOPS SSD, Throughput Optimized HDD, and Cold HDD volumes.
  • Point-in-time snapshots of EBS volumes can be created and persisted to Amazon S3 and copied across AWS regions.
  • Amazon CloudWatch can be used to provide performance metrics, such as throughput, latency, bandwidth, and average queue length.

Reference: Amazon EBS